January Edition 2015

January 2015 Editors Note
Featured Theme this issue: DECLARE
  • My Stamp of Approval – By Wayne

    My Stamp of Approval The word declare is this month’s theme, I will attempt to use it as a verb without an object. In other words I will emphatically state a declaration that has recently come to me. It has been part of my mindset forever, but now it has jumped out and made itself […]

  • Let’s declare a happy New Year by Kristine

    Declarations have been part of our world for decades. We have Human Rights declarations in..most of the World. People declare independence. Presidents declare war, declare victory and peace. We have doctors declaring people dead, when they pass away and we declare winners in sport games on TV. Our bosses declare the extra email facebook linkedin twitter google+ pinterest

  • My Declaration 2015 – by Lee

    This is the time of the year when we reflect on where we are and how much closer we have grown towards our purpose and vision for ourselves. We busy ourselves writing down affirmations and thoughts about what we want to happen and ponder over why we didn’t achieve others. If what we think about […]

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Musings of the Lady @ GreyHouse

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  • Defining Our Ages – by Mindy

    I have long believed there’s great benefit to funneling portions of our lives into art; in fact, I’ve dedicated my career to helping students ages seven through seventy do exactly that. The great Oscar Wilde believed that it’s human instinct to channel ourselves into art because, “the self-conscious aim of Life is to find expression, […]

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The Personal Theme Project 2015 – By Kat

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