December Edition 2014

To You From Peter and Me
Featured this issue: CHANGE
  • Three Cats, No Waiting – by Annette

    Who is soft, grey and moves about so quietly one doesn’t  realize he is there until he is upon you?  Oh Kitty!  That’s right, we have been blessed with a new, but not really new, four-legged here in the house and it is so cool.  This magnificent creature hasn’t even been here a week, as […]

  • Change is My Friend – by Marie

    I do not think I was truly acquainted with change until I was seventeen. It was more in my face then. I lived in a very small village called Rockton. I had longed to get out of the small town atmosphere. I wanted something bigger, and more exciting. I joined the Army with my parents’ […]

  • Living Your Ideal Verb – by Mindy A. Early

    Art imitates life because it allows us to examine issues true to the human experience at arm’s length. This distance gives us the opportunity to observe, question, and reflect more comfortably. While it’s always good to take advantage of this, the true payoff is when we bring that learning tangibly back into our own lives […]

  • Spare Change? – by Dean

    Most people would like to spare the change in their lives. Change can come with a hefty price tag at times and this can scare an individual who is not prepared for change. A heart attack, death of a friend or relative, job loss, auto accident or the end of a relationship can shake a […]

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Merry Christmas – by Annette

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